Cleaning the roof could be a hassle, but necessary especially after every season. Once the wintry weather season is over, the snow will begin to melt on your roofIt’s then high time for you to startthe cleanup during spring season. The wintry weather season is one of the top enemy of your roofDoing the inspection and cleanup is vitalin particular that your roof had to endure thick layer of snow and stormsfor the past season. If you don’t have the skills of doing the cleanup by yourselfhire the professionals ofroof repair Philadelphia. However, if you want to do it, follow these.  




Kill the Mold  

We all know that winter involves snow, so it’s expected that moisture is always there. This will lead to the possibility of moisture penetrating the flashing and shinglesLook for discolored streaks on the roof if there is any. If you can find one, it’s a sign that mold and fungus is present. You can kill the fungus and mold with the available cleaning solutions. Just ask a manufacturer about a high-quality solution for the type of roofing material you have. If the roofing material you have is shingles, then avoid power washing it.  


Clean the Moss  

As we said earlier, the growth of moss is additionally possible due to the fact of the moisture present during the winter season. You can clear this up by means of disposing the leaves and slicing back bushes so you the sunlight can get through and dry the moisture. You can also buy cleaning solutions to fight off moss, however the chemical substances can the damage the plants below the roofYou can also stop the moss from growing by nailing zinc and copper strips to the ridgeline.  


Check for Missing Shingles and Flashing  

Don’t forget to inspect any missing shingle and damaged chimney on your roofWe know that winter could be harsh so inspection is needed as soon as possibleDoing this will find issues with broken vents and missing shingles.   


Look for Gutter Damage  

For the entire time, the roof suffered from heavy snowThis situations leads to gutter damage that has an effect on the roof’s structural integrity. The debris and leftover fall leaves can additionally lead to clogged guttersSo before the spring, look into the water float from via the gutter. Once you also see nails showing up, repair it.  


Cut the Tree Limbs  

Another important thing to do iscut the bushes. If the limbs touch the roof, the shingles are scraped off which leads to granule looseningThe lifespan of your roof will then be decreasedYou can also do specific techniques of pruning that’s best done during the spring.  


Those are some of the things that you can do to clean the roof during spring. Do not underestimate the power of roof cleaning because it will make the difference. You have an option to hire a roofer company or do the cleaning yourself.